Backwater valve installation

Mister Plumber is on standby, making sure every Toronto homeowner feels at ease, even when faced with sudden plumbing surprises.

  • Always On Call: Whether it’s early morning, late night, weekend, or holiday – we’ve got your back.
  • Fast & Competent Action: Our team is geared up for swift action, reducing the risk of major damage with prompt, adept service.
  • We’ll leave your home spotless: After fixing the issue, we ensure your home gets back its comfort, exactly the way it was.

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New plumbing for house addition by trusted, licensed plumbers in TorontoQuick Tips Before We Get There

While you wait for us, a few simple steps can minimize potential damage:

  • Turn off the water supply.
  • Keep your family and pets clear of the trouble area.
  • Protect your valuables from any water.
  • Ventilate any damp or musty spaces.
  • Take some photos – they might help with insurance.
  • Be cautious with any electronics near water.
  • Identify drain traps to tackle minor clogs if you can.

Mister Plumber’s 5-Step Emergency Blueprint for Toronto Homes

Wondering how we handle plumbing emergencies? Here’s our approach:

  1. Swift Roll-out: As soon as you call, our equipped team is en route. We’re loaded with advanced gear, ensuring a quick and effective start.
  2. Safety First: Upon arrival, we assess and act. Using barriers and mats, we shield your home from any potential mess, keeping safety paramount.
  3. Clear Insight: Our top-tier drain inspection cameras give us a full view. We then clarify the issue for you—no fancy terms, just straightforward talk.
  4. Expert Repair: With your nod, we dive in. Drawing from vast experience, we tackle the problem meticulously, aiming for a lasting fix.
  5. Clean Exit: Post-repair, we don’t just leave. We clean up, ensuring your space feels untouched. Before heading out, we summarize the job done.

Backwater valve installationHow Can I Sidestep Plumbing Emergencies in the Future?

Sometimes disaster strikes and it’s out of your control. But there are certainly precautions you can take to lessen the likelihood of a plumbing emergency.

Here’s your game plan:

  • Have regular plumbing check-ups.
  • Be kind to your drains – watch what goes down.
  • Use drain strainers to catch debris.
  • Monitor water pressure to avoid pipe stress.
  • Know your home – especially the main shut-off.
  • Choose natural cleaners over harsh chemicals.
  • Shield pipes during cold months to avoid freezing.

Pro tip: Think about getting a smart home water leak detector. This will automatically shut off your home’s water system if the device senses a leak in the house to prevent further damage. It’s a lifesaver.

Bathroom renovation in TorontoWhy Toronto Folks Trust Mister Plumber

Our commitment stands out in the Toronto community:

  • 9/5 (190+ Google Reviews): Our record speaks for itself. We’ve been around, understanding the unique needs of Toronto homes.
  • Always On Time: We understand urgency. That’s why we’re ready 24/7.
  • Honest Pricing: Clear, upfront costs. No surprises.

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