PEX Pipes-toronto-plumberEase of installation

Installation of PEX pipes is generally easier than severe pipes. These pipes are available in long coils which eliminate the need for coupling joints. Its pipes flexible nature allows it to be bent gently around obstructions. It is minimizing the use of fitting. It doesn’t require solvent, chemical or solder joining. The mechanics fitting are secure and reliable when installed properly.

PEX pipes: Durability

This is based on extensive testing and material performance over the span of more than thirty years, this plumbing has been proven to be a durable material that does not suffer from some of the historical problems associated with metallic piping, such as reduced interior dimensions, corrosion and electrolysis. It’s piping will typically expand if the system is allowed to freeze.

PEX pipes: Cost effectiveness

This plumbing has lower installation costs than rigid metallic plumbing piping system. Installation time and labor required is greatly reduced. In service, the use of this system can reduce energy and water use by delivering water to the fixtures faster and by reducing losses in the piping system.

PEX pipes: Energy efficiency

This piping system allows reduced heat loss and improved thermal characteristics when compared to metallic pipeline. In addition, less energy is used by the water heater because of shorter delivery time for hot water with this parallel plumbing system.

PEX pipes: Noise reduction

When properly protected, this piping can be significantly quieter than rigid systems; it is inherently less noisy due to its flexibility and ability to absorb pressure surges.

PEX pipes: Water conservation

This plumbing system has the potential to conserve the water. The flexibility of PEX allows it to bend around corners and run constantly, reducing the need for fittings; this allows downsizing the pipe diameter to 3/8-inch for certain fittings. Home-run systems and 3/8-inch pipes minimize the time it takes hot water to reach the fixtures. Lengthy delivery time for hot water represents a significant waste of water as well as energy; a problem exacerbated in larger homes.

PEX pipes: Environmentally sound

This is a modification or enhancement of high-density polyethylene material, an economical and highly cost-effective construction piping stuff. Generally, manufacturing equivalent lengths of plastic pipe consume far less energy than manufacturing metallic tube. The lighter weight of this material compared to metallic piping helps to lower transportation costs and energy utilization, offering an even greater advantage. It’s pipes can be recycled as an inert filler material that can be incorporated into other polymers for specific functions. There is also reduced water use through faster delivery time. In addition, its pipe does not contain harmful VOCs.

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