If the sewer system in your residence starts showing blockage or any other malfunctions then consider emergency plumbing service. If sewer problems left unnoticed or overlooked then waste water gets blocked and later starts flowing to the rooms of the house.

Can you imagine such a situation?

Problem arises in sewer system by showing many signs.

Some of the signs of sewer problems are as follows:

Noise in pipes

Noise can be heard from sewer system when there are any blocks in it. Noise comes from sewer system due to many reasons. One of the reasons is leaving the system without cleaning for long years. By not cleaning for a long time debris starts accumulating and becoming a big and unmovable waste. Flushing the toilet continuously and putting non- disposable garbage can also be a reason for gurgling

Bad odour from sewer line

Bad odour coming from a sewer can be due to blockage. When food items and other waste materials get blocked on the sewage pipe it starts decaying and finally emission of bad odour from it.

Toilet and drains malfunction

Any malfunction in the toilet pumps can also block sewage pipes and cause trouble. While flushing the toilet if the water comes back into the tub then it is a clear sign of sewer drain clog. If the flushed water will not pass properly through the drainage pipe then it will get blocked and come back to the tub resulting in toilet malfunction. One of the best solutions for this is sewer drain replacements.

Brown and rusty water from pipe

If the sewer system which includes pipes and fixtures are very old then there will be rust formation. Rusting will damage the pipes and these results in leaks. Leaks on sewage pipes will make atmospheric pollution. One should check the condition of sewage system at least once in a year.

Like the saying “Prevention is better than cure” you can ensure safety of sewer system by paying attention to several small, but significant things. In kitchen make sure you are disposing food particles properly before taking to the sink. Small leaves or non-vegetable particles can block the sewer system easily.  Never pour down cooking oil into the sink. It can block the smooth flow of water.  And in bathrooms make sure you are not flushing any foreign particles. Installation of a backwater valve is a good idea.

If you are living in a Toronto Area then sewer blocks are a common problem. Most of the time water becomes ice and this blocks the whole drainage system. In certain cities heavy rain will clog the drainage. Storm water drain replacement is the only solution for such type of sewer problems. Make sure you clean the sewer on a regular basis. Today many Toronto professionals are available to clean sewer system. Regular cleaning ensures a safe and clean environment.

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