A septic tank is a sewage-treatment system that is quite common in areas not connected to the main sewer line. While urban areas have a sewage system in place, many rural communities rely on separate septic tanks for each property.

Maintaining your septic tank requires more than unclogging a drain when things back up. Because your septic tank is vital to keeping your home safe and secure, regular maintenance is crucial to avoid problems down the road.

The most basic maintenance, which is draining the septic tank, should occur approximately every four years, depending on usage. This prevents buildup of sludge and grease and keeps leakage from seeping into your drain field. This simple procedure is low cost to you and easy for the professional with the right equipment.

Your home has many different things occurring every single day. The more people you have in your home, the more functions may be required on a concurrent basis. For example, you may start the dishwasher after breakfast, throw in a load of clothes in the washing machine, and head upstairs for a shower. Yet depending on your septic system, these combined chores may be enough to overload the system. Avoid doing multiple items at the same time.

Also watch how you use the various systems throughout your home. Your garbage disposal is a great way of cleaning up after a meal. Yet if you consistently dump all of your waste down the drain, your septic tank can clog and have less room. Meaning you’ll need to pump it that much sooner. Avoid items like coffee grounds, grease and household chemicals, which can build up over time and clog the pipes.

While its easy to watch what happens from the inside your home, what happens on the outside can have just as big of an impact. Your landscaping can cause serious problems to your septic tank, especially as we change from winter to summer months. Point drain spouts away from the septic tanks so large volumes of water won’t accumulate around the tank. Keep trees, bushes and other landscaping items that have large root structures away from your tank. Also avoid driving, parking, or building structures directly over the top of your septic system. Give it its own unique space and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well functioning septic system.

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