Walter from Toronto

Mister Plumber provides high quality, professional, courteous, and prompt services at a very reasonable price.

Prior to contacting the highly recommended Mister Plumber to install a Backflow Water Valve, I contacted the City of Toronto Water division to find out what was the range of prices that the City received on applications for a subsidy for this type of work.

Vlodio arrived promptly, gave me an estimate, explained exactly what the work would involve, how long it would take, and when it could be started. The price he quoted was very reasonable compared to others. After I signed a contract with Mister Plumber and everything after that proceeded smoothly. Vlodio arranged for the permit, confirmed the time and date of installation, and arranged for the inspection by the City.

The installation was done by Sasha. Prior to Sasha’s arrival I created a plastic barrier between the work area and the rest of the basement because I was concerned about dust that I expected from the drilling into the concrete floor. To my surprise, there was minimal dust because of the procedure he used to drill into the concrete. There was no need for me to create the plastic barrier. Vlodio had pre-arranged for the inspector and Sasha to arrive two days after the installation. Sasha and the inspector arrived on time and the inspector examined and approved the installation. Sasha then covered the hole with new cement and carefully smoothed it out into a professional finish.

The work area was completely clean and free of dust after Sasha finished the job.

I was completely satisfied with the quality of the work, promptness, courteousness, and price of the services provided by  Mister Plumber and will definitely call them again for my plumbing needs.

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