A backwater valve that plumbing component which is used to prevent sewage from backing up into a home or business. Many plumbing systems are designed in such a way that the properties naturally prevent sewage backups.

Those who are living in Toronto facing plumbing system limitations can get backwater valve installation which provide great advantages.

Many backwater valve maintenance Toronto professionals deliver guaranteed services with proper inspection.

Whenever public sewer system get damaged, there valves prevent sewage waste to enter the home through drains and plumbing fixtures.

A backwater valve will not be able to protect in case when back-grade has flat or negative slope through the valve. If you want to achieve the required slope through the backwater valve, try to adjust the grade on the piping leading up to the valve.

Important Tips for Backwater Valve Installation

  • For retrofit installations, properly examine and test all fixtures so that each one runs through the backwater valve and everything is protected.
  • Ensure that the sewer is free from root blockages etc. downstream of valve.
  • Follow installation procedures carefully, with special care and attention to be taken when retrofitting valve into existing systems.
  • No glue or solvent should come into contact with the valve’s gate.
  • Be very careful when you do back-filling or add any concrete near the valve to prevent any damage to the valve body.

Tips for Maintenance

However, mainline full port backwater valves are virtually maintenance free.  But as they are mechanical devices sitting in a sewage environment so, periodic inspections are required.

Follow the procedures for satisfactory performance of backwater valve:

  • Always do a visual inspection by removing the clean out plug on the top of the valve.
  • Make use of flashlight in order to have properly inspection inside the valve body.
  • Do not make debris to build-up on the body, gate and beneath the gate.
  • And if you find any debris build-up then flush and clean it properly.
  • Examine o-ring and replace it if needed. Because the valve’s gate seals against an o-ring on the body in the closed position.
  • Make sure that gate freely moves up and down.
  • Now, reinstall clean out plug.

Whenever you install a backwater valve it is really necessary to maintain it properly. Models which are fitted with closed cell polyethylene floats, condition of floats should be checked properly and if needed replace them.

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