Rodrigo from Toronto, ON

I was renovating my basement and Igor and Vlad were very professional in all aspects of the job.

Their job involved a 3 step process which first included fixing the current pipes on the wall and on the floor for the new shower to be installed. Then installing shower base and lastly the final stage was to install all of the accessories (bathroom and Laundry sink, toilet, faucets) and the pipping required).

Igor was quick and efficient in all the work that he did. Lastly, they also installed three new valves.

Igor and Vlad were very efficient in their work and always showed up when they said they would and completed all the work in a timely manner.

I would definitely recommend this company to anyone that needs plumbing and will be recommending them to friends and family.

Thanks again to both Vlad and Igor for their great work!!

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