I have a septic system that drains from my house at 2′ below main floor level. I want to put in a basement bathroom (sink, shower, toilet) and a sewage ejector. I believe I have a 2″ capped vent (in the basement ceiling) that is 15′ along the same wall where the ejector pit would be dug.

This vent line is tapped into the double kitchen sink on the main floor and then goes to the roof. The house is 8 years old and has a concrete basement floor.

I need an estimate to break the concrete and rough in the drains, vents, and ejector pit and pump. The main house 3″ sewage line runs horizontally and is 10′ from the where the ejector pit would be. Where the bathroom would be, there is my iron filter, water softener and pressure tank for my well water. Most of this copper soldered and then branches off to PEX to main hot and cold lines  I need it all moved 6′ to make room for the bathroom.

So I need a quote to relocated water input gear, a quote for the bathroom rough in under the concrete, and includes the PEX lines rough-in for the fixtures.

All of this area for bathroom and well water systems is in an unfinished part of the basement.

Goodwood, ON

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