Never lull yourself into assuming that you will never need a plumber. Even if you are good at doing home repairs, you may need the help of a pro from time to time. Though there are available tutorials and guides available online for a do it yourselfer, there are still many plumbing issues that only a professional plumber can solve.

There are even easy plumbing projects that are best handled by a skilled professional. So in order to save yourself from loss of precious time and possible trouble, you try to call a plumber. When do we need to call the services of a professional plumber?


Pipe leaks

If you notice that your pipe signals a leak, like for instance you see water coming through places where it shouldn’t,you have to call Mr. Plumber. Tracing the source of the leak could be a tough job and may require some tools that only a skilled pro knows.

Low water pressure

Unless slow water pressure does not annoy you at all then you may skip calling a plumber but if it does and if it is causing so much time constraints and delays then you may consider. Low water pressure is usually due to certain obstructions in the water lines caused by rust which accumulates in the meter and run all the way through the faucet. It could also be due to the low water pressure from the source itself or the design of the supply line. A good plumber is in a better position to analyze the root cause of this problem.

No hot water

This problem may be caused by a dysfunctional heating element, a tripped circuit breaker, faulty thermostat or a blown fuse due to an overloaded switch. It could also be a problem with the burners when using gas heaters. You see? It is kinda complicated for a no-expert.

Drains Back up

If your sewer line does not drain properly no matter what you do and the backup continues,  probably there is a plug in the line that runs out to the main sewer that may be caused by tree roots. Call a plumber immediately or the drain-cleaning service.

Frozen pipes

In cases when the pipe freezes, you may use hair dryers, propane torch  and heat guns to thaw a pipe. However, some plumbers can just replace the frozen pipe section with a new one without needing to thaw it. So in order to make things simple, and to avoid plumbing problems keep you from falling into a deep slumber, push that ringer.

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