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Troubleshooting Plumbing Issues In Toronto

Water pressure in the house depends on many factors. The most important is the size of the supply pipe. It is obvious that the larger the pipe, the better pressure. For residential houses with one family in Toronto the minimum diameter of the…
Backwater Valves Your First DefenseMister Plumber

Sewage Backups in Toronto and What to do If you Have One

There are two types of sewage: sanitary and storm. Sanitary sewage is waste water that contains human impurities, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, which can be very harmful if touched or inhaled. Storm sewage is natural ground water that…
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Helpful Plumbing Tips For Home Renovations

This blog provides some general tips about plumbing for home renovation projects. As residential properties become older, some of the first things that might require renovation work are washrooms and kitchens. But, what should you prioritize…
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Understanding the Essentials of Plumbing and Draining Systems

For many people, plumbing and drain system infrastructure are difficult not only to install but also to understand. This article provides some important information that will help make these topics a little less complicated.Drains are a…
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Toronto Water Service Upgrade

Water service upgrade in Toronto is offered by Mister Plumber, Award winning plumbing contractor. Old waterlines made of lead or galvanized steel are near the end of lifetime and there is a high risk of burst that can make severe damage to the…
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Underground Lead Water Pipe Upgrade in Toronto

Today, we replaced the underground lead water pipe in Danforth Ave and Woodbine Ave in Toronto. Two days prior, the customer called us and informed us that the city shut his main supply line because of the leak. Luckily, the water did not flood…
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Don’t Trust Your Plumbing to Old Pipes – Here’s Why

The water supply is one of the home’s most essential services, right up there alongside drain/sewer, hydro and gas. Without it, you wouldn’t have potable water right at your beck and call, nor would you have hot showers or clean dishes.…
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Toronto Homeowners Take Note: 3 Important Changes to the Plumbing Code

Bob Dylan once famously sang, “The times, they are a-changing”. And while he was undoubtedly talking about the social and cultural upheaval of 60’s America, his words apply to just about everything in the modern world, plumbing included.…
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Protection From Below: The Importance of Having a Sump Pump

“When it rains, it pours”. In Toronto, that’s quite literally the case. And we’re not out of the woods yet, in regards to rain for the year.
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A Short Guide to Your Home’s Water Pressure

Water pressure is important – anyone who believes otherwise is either kidding themselves or has impossibly low standards.
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Scratching Beneath the Surface: How to Fix Your Underground Pipes

Do you remember when you were a kid, and your parents would ask you to go clean your room? Begrudgingly, you would obey, but instead of doing a full, deep clean – vacuuming under the bed, reorganizing your cluttered drawers and closet, etc.…
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Case Studies: 4 Frequent Plumbing Scenarios

Some plumbing problems are rare, and take an experienced plumber (like Mister Plumber, of course!) to sleuth their way to the solution. Other problems are so common that every homeowner or tenant has seen them before – your leaky faucets,…