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Imagine your home without faucets providing clean water for daily use – it’s almost impossible. Faucets are essential fixtures found in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, laundry room, and even outside for garden hoses. While new faucets work flawlessly, various factors can affect their performance over time. Common issues include corrosion, mineral buildup, material fatigue, chlorine-induced deterioration, misuse, and excessive pressure. Handling a broken, leaky, or malfunctioning faucet often exceeds homeowners’ expertise, necessitating professional assistance. In Burlington, Mister Plumber offers comprehensive plumbing and drain services, including faucet and tap repair, replacement, upgrade, and new installation. Don’t ignore a dripping or leaky tap that can lead to high water bills or property damage. Our licensed plumbers in Burlington are on duty every day, providing high-quality work tailored to homeowners’ needs and schedules.

Faucet Repair

A faucet comprises several components: the body, cartridge, handle, spout, and water inlets. The cartridge is crucial as it is unique to each brand and model. Dripping or leaking faucets are often fixed by replacing the cartridge. The first step is identifying the faucet brand. Our experienced plumbers carry popular cartridge types and can provide same-day services. Mister Plumber recommends contacting the store where the faucet was purchased to get the right parts, and checking online for better prices. Facing an issue with your tap? Don’t delay; Mister Plumber is just a phone call away.

Kitchen faucet repair – plumbing, drain services, water services

Faucet Replacement

Faucet replacement is necessary when the old one is beyond repair or when a homeowner desires a better, newer model. This task involves disconnecting and removing the existing faucet and connecting a new one. Replacing kitchen or bathroom sink faucets is simpler compared to bathtub or shower faucets, where the tap body is inside the wall. For shower faucet replacements, we can access from the back wall by cutting drywall, avoiding tile restoration. Alternatively, we can replace the faucet from the front using a renovation cover plate. We advise homeowners to buy new faucets based on personal preference and price. Mister Plumber works closely with builders and is well-versed in modern faucet installations.

Kitchen faucet replacement

Faucet Upgrades

Faucet upgrades are common for bathtubs and showers. The outlets for the spout and showerhead have standard pipe sizes, allowing for different brands and styles. Another upgrade example is replacing trims with different finishes and styles, provided the faucet body matches the cover plate and handle. Popular upgrades our plumbers perform include switching from a regular showerhead to a handheld one and installing modern black finish trims instead of older chrome ones. Considering a shower or tub faucet upgrade? Call us and speak directly with one of our experts.

Bathroom faucet replacement

New Faucet Installation

New plumbing fixtures are integral to building a new home or undertaking a major renovation project. With walls open, customers can choose any faucet brand or style without limitations. Our professional plumbers install new faucets according to plumbing codes and manufacturers’ instructions. Many details, such as the thickness of the finished wall and customer height, should be considered when installing a shower mixing valve. Proper initial installation ensures longevity and excellent faucet performance. Mister Plumber advises homeowners to buy well-known, reliable brands.

Modern kitchen faucet-installation

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