Repair of leaky water pipe in the basement ceiling

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Plumbing fixtures in homes or condo units connect to a vast network of pipes that supply clean water and remove wastewater. These systems include water distribution and drainage. Pipes run through walls, ceilings, floors, attics, and extend through roofs and exterior walls. In addition to pipes, there are thousands of fittings such as couplings, T-connectors, valves, and taps. Joints are more prone to cracking and leaking than the pipes themselves. Other common sources of leaks include shower liners, bathtubs, toilets, shower doors, radiators, backed-up drains, and water filtration systems.

In Burlington, Mister Plumber specializes in detecting and repairing all types of water leaks. Our licensed and highly trained plumbers handle materials like copper, ABS, PVC, cast iron, brass, XFR, system 15, PEX, and clay drain pipes. Trust our expertise for any plumbing emergency.

Repair of leaky water pipe in the basement ceiling

Common Causes of Water Leaks

1. Corrosion and other chemical processes
2. Material fatigue
3. Excessive tension in joints
4. Mineral buildup in faucets, taps, and valves
5. Root penetration in underground drain pipes
6. Water pressure spikes
7. Lack of maintenance
8. Aging of rubber washers and O-rings
9. Installation mistakes
10. Misuse
11. Poor quality of plumbing fixtures

Leak under kitchen sink repair

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Water Leak Detection and Repair Process

Visible leaks, such as those under kitchen sinks, in furnace rooms, or from outdoor taps, are easier to detect. However, hidden leaks can take time to identify. More than 90% of pipes are concealed, making it challenging to locate leaks from showers or ceilings. Repairing these often involves cutting drywall to access broken or cracked pipes or fittings.

At Mister Plumber, we use proven methods to locate the source of leaks. Our plumbers assess why the leak occurred, determine necessary repairs, and suggest measures to prevent future issues. We always provide cost-effective solutions and detailed explanations before starting any work.

No leak is too small or too big for Mister Plumber. From dripping taps to underground water service line leaks, we handle them all. Don’t ignore a dripping faucet or a water stain on the ceiling. Call Mister Plumber at 416-939-1530 or submit a quick online request for professional and reliable plumbing and drain services. Our certified and highly skilled plumbers are ready to assist with any plumbing issue in your Burlington home.