It’s no joke (despite the title). If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a leaking pipes in the past, you certainly do not want to contend with this type of event again. While not all leaks can be avoided, there are a few steps that you can take to reduce the likelihood of burst pipes in your Toronto home. You can follow each of these tips together to enjoy more effective results and to minimize the chance of having to call a plumber for repair service this winter.

Protect Your Garage Pipes

The pipes that are located in your exterior walls are most susceptible to freezing, and this includes the pipes in the walls between the garage and the interior of the home. This is because the space inside these walls may be cooler than the space inside your interior walls. When the garage door is open, the temperature in the garage door can drop quickly. This can affect the pipes in these walls. A smart idea is to keep your garage door shut as much as possible to keep the temperature in the garage warmer.

Run Your Tap

Water that is standing still will freeze more quickly and easily than water that is moving. Because of this, it is beneficial to run all of your taps at a slow rate to generate movement in the pipes. This should be done as soon as the outdoor air reaches the freezing point, and it ideally will continue to be done until the temperature outdoors rises above freezing. During long cold spells, this may mean that you need to run your taps for several days or longer at a time.

Warm Your Cabinets

When your cabinet doors are closed, the air inside them will not be warmed to the same temperature as the rest of the room. These pockets of cooler air can affect the pipes that are in them as well as the pipes that are in the walls behind them. By opening the cabinet doors when the temperature outside is cold, you are warming this air and reducing the chances of the pipes freezing.

Burst pipes can be messy to deal and expensive to repair, and preventing a burst pipe is a top priority for Toronto homeowners. While you can follow these tips to prevent your pipes from rupturing when it is cold outside, you should contact a Toronto licensed plumber quickly if you have reason to believe that one of your pipes has developed a leak.

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