Buying a Toronto home is a huge endeavor. Not only must you acquire financing for your home, you must make sure the house you want passes various inspections. When it comes to inspections, you may think that having the roof, foundation and basic plumbing is enough – it is not enough.

One important aspect that potential homeowners often neglect to inspect is the sewer.

The sewer is a vital part of any home. It is the system through which all wastewater exits your home’s plumbing system. If the sewer of a home fails in any way, it can quickly become a disastrous and expensive situation. In some cases, sewer pipes wind up having to be excavated from the ground and replaced. Before you ever purchase a home, make sure you hire a Toronto professional to come in and inspect the sewer.

One of the main issues with any sewer is tree roots. Tree roots can invade a sewer pipe and lead to blockage. While there are chemicals and drain snakes that can remove the root, there is always a chance it will come back. A professional can inspect the sewer system with a small camera or other equipment to ensure that everything meets your expectations. If any problems are found, you can insist that repairs be made before you purchase the home.

Having sewer repairs made before you buy a house is the best way to save yourself a lot of money. If you merely take a person’s word that the sewer system is in great shape, you could run into problems later – and you will be financially responsible for the repairs. Let a professional track down any problems before you ever sign the final paperwork – you will sleep much easier at night knowing that your sewer system is operating exactly as it should.

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