You can’t own a home without the occasional problem cropping up. Most of the time, it’s something that a homeowner can easily fix. However, when it comes to problems with your plumbing, some situations that require the services of a professional Etobicoke Plumber.

Here are several problems that definitely require the assistance of a professional Etobicoke plumber.

Problems with the hot water heater

Any issue involving your home’s hot water heater should be handled by a professional. A hot water heater uses both water and either gas or electricity. Any adjustments made by an untrained homeowner can often make a problem go from bad to worse. Specific parts or tools may be required for a repair, or even the entire unit may need to be replaced to prevent a large water accident. These are issues that are best investigated by a professional plumber.

Recurring blocked up drains

Pipe blockages are usually caused by hair clumps, greasy buildup in the trap or tree roots interfering with the outside pipe flow. If you use drain cleaning liquids often, these chemicals can damage or corrode your pipes. When chemical don’t do the trick, or that clog in your sink or tub keeps coming back again and again, then you should call a professional plumber who clear the pipes and help keep the clog from returning.

Water or sewer line problems

Problems with a home’s main water lines is beyond the scope of a homeowner’s ability. Special equipment is required to check and clear a main water line. If a homeowner attempts to make a fix, and in the process worsens the problem, it can lead to flooding and water damage.

Problems with sewer lines should be handled by a professional service. Clearing a backed up or broken sewer line is difficult and requires special tools. A backed-up sewer system is also a potential health risk!

Other major water leaks

If you have water leaking from behind the walls or from under the floor, then that is the sign of a serious problem. Don’t even wait to call in the professionals. A plumber has the right tools to locate the leak and stop it quickly. Ongoing leaks and flooding can lead to structural damage and potential mold growth, which is a health hazard to everyone living in the home.

A homeowner can handle many simple plumbing or pipe problems. However, in the instances described above, attempting to fix a problem can actually increase the risk of damage. If that happens, a homeowner will end up spending much more money than if they had just called in a professional Etobicoke plumber from the start.

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