A sewer line carries wastewater from your home’s plumbing system to the municipal or subterranean sewer mains. It can be difficult to notice a blockage, leakage or any other problem affecting you sewer line. One problem with the sewer line may affect multiple parts of your home’s plumbing system because all the drains in your home connect to it. A clogged sewer line may cause sewage to back up into your property from the drains, damaging your home.

Repairing or replacing a sewer line may be extremely expensive if Toronto homeowners fail to react to the issues affecting the line in time. To avoid such problems, every homeowner needs to be aware of the signs that indicate a sewer line requires repair or replacement.

Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Certain forms of plumper toilet papers, paper towels and female hygiene items are the main triggers of blockage in the sewer lines. In older homes, the typical causes of blocked sewer lines are tree roots, which infiltrate and break sewer lines. Other factors that may cause sewer lines to block and eventually break or leak include:

– Corrosion of joints and seals between pipes.
– Accumulation of foreign objects, such as hair and food, in pipes.
– Natural factors, such as freezing and thawing, which cause the ground to shift. Shifting ground may cause sewer lines to break or collapse.

Signs that can indicate your sewer line needs repair include foul smells emanating from the drain, slow-running water, odd indentations in the yard and inconsistent water levels in toilets. Another sign that shows your sewer line needs to be repaired is discolored water, which usually occurs due to corrosion of pipes. Here is a look at some of the signs that may help you determine if your sewer line requires repair.

A nasty odor is present.

A bad odor coming from the toilets, drains and fixtures is a signal of a faulty sewer line.

A rotten sewage smell in the basement or outside in the yard is also another sign. Accumulation of moisture in the walls, a flooding sewer line and sewage backup that results from broken or clogged pipes may cause the bad odor. Poor pipe layout and ineffective construction may cause recurrent clogging. The bad odor, which may pose a serious health hazard, is normally accompanied with strange gurgling or clanking sounds when water is emptying from the fittings.

Slow Running Drains in Sinks and Showers

Slow draining water in the sinks, showers and bathtubs, standing water around where the sewer pipe is located as well as water that backs up through the drains may signal a sewer line issue. Drains that flow slowly normally occur as a result of damage by tree roots or clogged sewer lines, which, among other reasons, may be due to their old age.

Clogged or obscured pipes may cause less to come through the faucet, decreasing the pressure and flow of water. It is vital to seek the services of a professional plumber to fix this problem instead of using commercial drain cleaning products because drain cleaners contain harsh, corrosive chemicals that may cause pipes to corrode or weaken further.

Soggy Patches

Unexpected indentations in the lawn may indicate that a sewer line is leaking. A damaged pipe in the ground below may cause buildup underneath, leading to formation of raised patches near areas where the pipes join or begin.

Leakage in the pipes may also soften the land around pipes, causing soggy depressions or divots. A crack in the sewer line eventually leads to fast and abundant growth of grass in the lawn. Pesky pests, including insects, mice and rats, are usually drawn to soggy areas, so be sure to check your backyard regularly.

Leaking pipes may also cause water stains around the basement. Water damage that results from leaking pipes may cause cracks and moisture buildup, which may damage the foundation of your house if the problem is not addressed.

Water Fluctuation in The Toilet

This is one of the most obvious signs of a sewer problem. If water levels in your toilet bowl raise and lower without flushing, contact an expert in the Toronto area immediately to help determine if the problem is due to a faulty sewer line.

Sewer lines may require replacement if there is excessive clogging in the pipes. Severe clogs may cause pressure to increase in the pipes, causing the pipes to burst. Replacement may also be necessary if the main sewer line collapses. Sometimes, the aforementioned plumbing and sewer line issues may occur concurrently, and if not taken care of at the earliest time, they may cause permanent damage. It is advisable that you turn off the main water supply when you experience a blockage in your home or any of the issues outlined above.

It can still be difficult to diagnose and repair a sewer line problem even if you know the exact sign and cause of the problem. Not to mention, you may further weaken or destroy the pipes as well as cause severe damage in your home.

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