Are you unsatisfied with the water pressure from your bathroom or kitchen tap? Don’t start ripping out your plumbing just yet! Instead, your faucet’s aerator may be to blame.

The aerator works by mixing water and air in a small unit located at the tip of your faucet. Most modern faucets come equipped with an aerator, and they’re easy enough to buy and install, even on older units. Aerators allow your faucet spout to produce a straight, evenly-flowing stream, which helps prevent splashing and reduces noisiness.

More than that, an aerator is a low-cost way to help conserve water by controlling your water pressure. What do we mean? Your faucet aerator creates a powerful, focused stream without actually requiring more water; that is, your perceived water pressure stays the same or even increases, though the amount of water you actually use typically decreases, thanks to the aerator’s size limits.  Not only is this great for the environment, but it can help you save big time on your next water bill.

On the other hand, aerators can easily become worn-down or clogged, making them one of the most common sources for many homeowners’ water pressure woes. Fortunately, restoring your water pressure is a relatively simple fix.

First, try troubleshooting to make sure that the pressure problem is just centralized to your tap: If the issue seems to be connected to your hot water or across your home, the issue may not be with your faucet but with your water heater or pressure reducing valve.

If, after testing, you’re still experiencing less-than ideal water pressure from your tap, consider taking a look at your aerator. Simply unscrew your aerator and take a look inside – there’s a good chance you’ll see little pieces of debris, mineral build-up, or silt built up in the aerator’s mesh. Using a knife or small brush, clear away the blockages and reattach your aerator.

You may also need to unscrew the mesh and run it under water for a few moments, or soak it in a 50/50 vinegar-water solution, to clear away particularly dense mineral build-up.

If the issue continues, or the gunky clogs refuse to clear away, your current aerator may just not be suited to your tastes. Talk to your plumbing professionals about finding a new aerator unit that will work better for you.

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