Corrosion in galvanized pipes in TorontoMany Toronto homeowners today prefer to fix minor clogs themselves.

However, a clogged drain can become a challenge. Most times, for simple clogs, a plunger does the job. Second line of defense is usually a liquid drain cleaner, which is not very effective.

However, a clog can be more involved and extensive.

If you continue to plunge a clogged drain and use a drain cleaner with no relief, you may actually cause damage to your pipes. Without knowing the source of the problem, you will not find a solution.

A clogged drain can result from tree branches, ancient piping, debris, or something dropped into the drain itself.

For example, if you have tree branches growing into the outside sewer pipes, a professional Toronto plumber will use special equipment such as a snake. A snake turns as it is inserted into the pipe and breaks apart branches that are blocking the flow of refuge.

A clog may be the result something that was dropped into the drain. If you have a toilet that is clogged, it may be because something was flushed down and is now lodged in the drain.

Unplugging clogged drains is a typical day in the life of a professional plumber. A call to your local plumber will solve the clog problem, quickly and effectively.

As a Toronto homeowner, you know how important it is to keep the drains clean and free of debris.

However, drain cleaning is not always as easy to do as one might think. And, liquid drain cleaners have proven to be very ineffective.

Over the years, substances we pour down the drain eventually stick to the sides, and the drain becomes smaller.

Grease and oil should never be poured into a drain. They are the main culprits of drain clogs. Outside drains can also become clogged by tree roots.

As strange as this might sound, it’s not a rare occurrence. Tree roots can grow into the outside sewer pipes.

A professional plumber can best determine the cause and best solution of a drain clog…whether inside or outside.

If tree roots are causing the blockage, an electric snake unit will be needed to clear the roots and restore drainage to your home. Cleaning out the pipes with a snake may need to be performed on an annual basis, depending on what type of use your drains receive.

Inside, professional Toronto plumbers clean all types of drains including toilets, tub and shower drains, and floor drains. They have the tools and supplies needed to quickly, safely and effectively unclog the drains.

So if you have a stubborn clog that will not drain, you are probably best served to contact an experienced, local Toronto plumber

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