copper main water pipeOne common plumbing problem that often occurs in the most uncomfortable is a clogged drain. Many Toronto homeowners are tempted to take the bottle of their favorite drain cleaner – are easy to use, must be fast, and there is no need to get their hands dirty. Quick solutions to the problem – like many things in life – the quick fix is ​​not necessarily the best.

Most drain cleaners these days will not damage your plumbing when properly used. The key is to make sure you use them correctly. If your house has a septic tank, make sure that any cleaner says it is safe for use in septic systems. Different types of drain cleaners can clog target different types of problems and have different instructions, be sure to follow to obtain maximum efficiency.

Sometimes a liquid cleaner is not sufficient to cope with the problem. Some years ago we received a lesson not to cook the destruction – of melon rinds. The destruction had no trouble grinding up, but I wasted a few meters reassembled are impassable clog.

The first attempt was a faithful old plunger. The piston acts as the concept of hydraulic pressure test (in other words, you cannot compress liquid) to move the jam. Problem with this approach is the kitchen or bathroom sink is that the drains cannot be out – is often more waste and / or overflow connections which allows the piston useless in these cases

The next step was to remove the trap groped sink. When you get to this point, you must make sure you have a bucket and a couple of towels on hand. If you have previously tried to block the use of a chemical drain cleaner clear that we must be careful here can still be a residual sink, pipes, or trap. Before removing the trap, make sure to drain the water to sink as much as you can.

Place the bucket under the trap and loosen the connection to the portion of the tube that goes down the sink by the wayside. By opening to the first segment of the pipeline, you should be able to limit the drain water from the bucket – if you remove the horizontal portion first you are probably a mess as the water flows in that direction. If the rest of the water drains from the sink, you know your butcher so far on the line. If the water does not flow, then you should check the segment between the trap and the sink for obstruction. Usually a screwdriver or length of coat hanger bent enough to check and clear any blockages found.

Next check to see if there is no obstacle in the trap removed. Or it leads to another sink and see if water flows through it freely or use a length of coat hanger to investigate (and remove) the blockages. If you have found something blocking the trap, you must be prepared. Re-install the trap and water running. If you find any obstruction, it is time to look further.

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