Clogged Toilet-plumber-torontoSpending more time at Toronto home during the summer and having more people in your house means your toilets will be used more than usual, so proper maintenance is even more crucial. Prevent toilet issues and leaky pipes this summer by preparing for this season of high usage. Look for these common issues and take the steps to resolve them before overuse can make problems bigger.

· Look for leaking water behind the toilet.

If you notice water on the ground behind your toilet, it is a sign that your tank is leaking. The most likely cause is that the seal between the toilet bowl and the toilet tank is damaged or worn. Simply shut off the water and remove the tank. If the seals on the bottom of the tank are brittle or damaged, purchase new seals at your local hardware store and follow the installation instructions. Replace the tank and check for leaking water.

· Listen for a running toilet. If your toilet is constantly running, there are a couple of issues to consider.

o Inspect the flush valve. The flush valve, or flapper, is located on the inside of the toilet tank. If this part is not functioning properly, water can seep past the tank and into the toilet bowl, leaving the tank water low. This will cause the toilet to run in an effort to refill the tank. Purchase a new flush valve at your local home improvement store and follow the installation instructions.

o Check the fill valve. The fill valve is also located inside the toilet tank. It allows the tank to fill with water after each flush. If the float that is attached to the fill valve is failing, then the water may either constantly run in an attempt to fill the tank, or it may overflow. Buy a fill valve at your nearest hardware store and replace the faulty valve according to the instructions.

· Determine if the toilet bowl is leaking.

A leaking toilet bowl may be obvious when water spills from the bowl onto the bathroom floor. Or it may be more subtle and might not become evident until you start seeing leaks in the flooring or the basement. Unless an incident cracked the bowl, the culprit is most likely a faulty wax ring. Toilets that have not been properly secured can rock back and forth, causing the wax ring to deteriorate and loosen, which can release water and cause leaks. You can find wax rings at any home improvement store.

Turn off the water supply and flush the toilet until you get as much water out of the bowl as possible. Unhook the pipes and loosen the bolts that secure the toilet to the floor. Place the toilet to the side on a protective surface. Ensure that all sewer lines are plugged. Remove the old wax ring from the sewer line using a putty knife or similar tool. Install the new wax ring and then put the toilet over it. Push down, ensuring that the toilet is seated on the wax ring. Replace the toilet bolts securely, making sure that the toilet does not rock when you sit on it. Take precautions when tightening the bolts though; do not over tighten as this may cause flooring to crack.

For all your plumbing repairs that you cannot manage to solve on your own, it is best to call in an experienced professional to help you with your leaking or clogged toilet.

If you have any questions about these at-home tips, or need assistance with any of these procedures, call the reliable plumber in Toronto.

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