You ignored the warning signs that your drain was becoming clogged. Now you’ve tried liquid chemicals and plungers and even homeowner grade augers and snakes. Your drain is still clogged. That means it’s time to call a Toronto plumbing professional to handle the problem. It’s not too late. Your local plumbing expert can use drain cleaning to stop those clogs and overflows.

Advice from Plumbing Experts

Before the perfect storm results in water – and worse – flowing the wrong way through your pipes, have your drain inspected and cleaned at the first signs of trouble. Plumbing experts handle all kinds of plumbing issues, and some can be avoided.

Using liquid drain cleaner is often part of the problem. There is a reason that plumbers advise that you not use these products, and it’s not because they want your business. Chemicals, especially harsh ones, can make your problem even worse. Chemicals dissolve old rust and other sludge to the point where the consistency is like mud. Now your drain is even more clogged.

Don’t Use Your Drains for Garbage

Be aware of what you put down your drains. Grease and oil should never be poured into a drain. It accumulates inside the pipe and then hardens. Rice, celery, potato peels and pasta are some more food items that should never be washed down the drain. They make up a paste that creates clogs.

If you have a garbage disposal, don’t overwork it. Only place a little food waste in at one time and be sure to run plenty of water. Water lubricates the waste so that it flows more easily through the system.

Treat Your Toilets Right

Observe stringent rules about what can be thrown in the toilet and what can’t. Make sure your family sticks to the rules, and that guests are discreetly informed, if you have a houseful of friends and family. Place a wastebasket close to the toilet, so that people will dispose of Q-tips, facial tissue and other items in the trash, not the toilet.

Keeping a plunger in your bathroom is also helpful. Smaller clogs in the toilet pipes themselves can be handled with a plunger, although larger problems may exist down the lines.

Is it an Emergency?

If your drains are slow but not backing up on a nice summer Sunday, you may be able to wait until Monday to call a plumbing professional. They enjoy their Sundays, too, and you’ll save some money if you call during regular business hours. This doesn’t mean to put off calling an expert when you need one. Nothing good will happen from postponing the visit unless the symptoms are still quite mild.

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