How do I know if I have a basement leak? Basement leaks are easy to detect, and should be found before trying to waterproof any area of your basement. You want to check the exterior of the house. Maybe you…

You want to check the exterior of the house. Maybe you have got a gutter problem or maybe you have got landscaping problems. Before waterproofing, please try to go and look and see what the causes are. It could be some of the things that you are not going to be able to fix yourself and most professionals don’t charge for a consultation. So they will come out and give you what we refer to as a free home analysis. So if you find somebody out there who’s doing it at no cost, and then let them help you. The will find where the problems are and help you get some education on that. B-Dry uses a wide range of materials and all of that has been tested by independent groups and found to be very, very safe.

Would you recommend do-it-yourself basement waterproofing? Do-it-yourself waterproofing is not recommended for your basement. Getting back to what I said earlier if it’s a just a leaked basement and you…

Getting back to what I said earlier if it’s a just a leaked basement and you are just throwing stuff down there that you could keep off the ground, it might not be worth it. If you are not going to use that space any way or you have no plans you use it, then don’t waterproof it. There are other places that money could go to. But if you are going to use that space, then you want to waterproof it. Some people don’t even go in their basement because they don’t believe that it can be dry permanently. They don’t know that this place could be used as a basement space for a family room or a child’s bedroom. They would never do that because there’s too much moisture, mold and mildew. The president of our company has a home theater in his basement, and that’s where his office is with his computer, and it’s where most of his family gatherings happen. All the get-togethers and things like that are done in the basement. He has full confidence that this space can be used and never have a problem with it. All of the mold, mildew, moisture and all that kind of stuff is gone. So if you want to do something really nice with that space, then I think you would definitely want a professional installation of a waterproofing system.

Do you need to finish the basement after it’s been water proofed? After waterproofing your basement, it is up to you as to whether or not you refinish it. If you’ve got the full solution put in the basement,…

If you’ve got the full solution put in the basement, you have this very nice white substance on the walls. Some people leave that up, compared to what it was, it can look amazingly different. But if you want to, you can put a flow out valve and build a wall around it. A lot of people leave it because it is very nice and clean looking. It’s very bright and it will stay that way; it’s very durable stuff. The floor is put back to its original condition in concrete and then the white walls. So you could come back and put carpet down. You should feel great comfort in being able to put carpet down, because the system is going to catch all the moisture. You can use a lot of other things and hope that it will catch the water and work; but if it doesn’t, then everything you put in there, carpet and baseboard, and even the treatment on the walls has to be replaced.

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