call Toronto-plumberPlumbing problems at home are inevitable simply because you use your plumbing. Eventually, regular wear and tear will cause parts of your home’s plumbing to break down bit by bit until the fixture in question gives in completely. Thankfully, you don’t need to stress yourself out if you have a plumbing problem at home.

If you’re the DIY kind of person, you can fix that problem yourself. If not, well, you can always call a Toronto plumber.

What kind of plumbing issues should you anticipate as a home-owner or apartment resident?

Here are the top five common plumbing problems at Toronto home.

1. Dripping faucets.

Dripping faucets happen when the washers in your tap have become dislodged from being turned too hard, or have become stiff or torn from constant use. You need to fix this problem right away because not only is the sound of dripping water annoying, letting water go to waste like that can cost you more money in the end. Additionally, the continued dripping can cause a larger damage to your taps, which would call for more complicated repairs.

2. Running toilets.

Your toilet runs when the flush doesn’t work properly and keeps water from the tank flowing into the bowl. It usually occurs when the flapper valve in your toilet no longer works properly. Just like with dripping faucets, letting this problem be is a waste of money. You can DIY this issue by getting toilet repair kits, but if it doesn’t work, it’s best that you call a plumber for leak repairs.

3. Clogged or slow drains.

So, water won’t go down the drain in your sink, shower or bathtub. This means you have a clogged or slow drain. This means only one thing: you’ve got build-up in your drains, probably from the debris that got pushed into them, such as clumps of hair or sand. A plumber’s force cap or plunger is usually enough to do the trick; if it doesn’t, then a drain cleaner might. Do avoid using drain cleaners too often, though, because they can cause corrosion in your pipes.

4. Leaky pipes.

If you found a puddle under your sink or near a place where you know your pipes run, this could mean your pipes are leaky. Leaking pipes under the sink can be fixed by replacing the U-joint, but this could be quite messy. Don’t attempt to replace your leaking pipes unless you really know how to do it and you can deal with the mess. If not, you had better call someone to work on your plumbing installation.

5. Low water pressure.

Often-times, low water pressure has nothing to do with your plumbing at home. Sometimes, it’s a municipal problem typically involving a breach in the main water line. However, if there is no such problem in your area and your water pressure remains low, it could mean there’s a problem in your plumbing system itself. There could be sediments in your pipes stopping the flow of water. This would entail more costly repairs best handled by professional Toronto plumbers.

Whatever plumbing problems you have at home can be easily handled by a professional Toronto plumber. If you don’t know how to fix the problem, don’t try to. Otherwise, you may only end up making it worse. Just call your friendly local Toronto plumber to fix your plumbing problem for you.

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