Common toilet maintenance issues can really throw a wrench in your everyday life. But, there are a few common issues that may be easier to solve than you think.

The Weak Flusher

Consider the following: Is it possible that you are working with a first generation flush toilet (about 1.6 gallons)? These are almost always doomed to failure. But there is a sure way to tell – lift the lid of the tank and look inside to find a manufacturer’s date stamped into the clay. If the date you find falls anywhere in between 1/1/94 and mid-1997, that is almost surely the problem. There is little that can be done to improve it, the best solution is a new model.

If the date stamped precedes January 1994, this means the toilet prone to have hard water deposits build up in the syphon jet hole, or in the angled rim swirl holes. There are a couple of remedies you can try. First, you attempt to flush the deposits out with wood sticks, or over-sized toothpicks. However, a much safer bet would be to use muriatic acid, ONLY if you do not have a septic system. In order to do this, mix one part acid and 10 parts water, you will also need a funnel.

Using the funnel, pour one half of this mixture down the overflow tube in the toilet tank. There should be immediate fizzing. Let the acid do its thing for roughly 30 minutes and then finish up by pouring the remainder of the mixture down the tube. Wait another 30 minutes, and then flush. You should find that there is an immediate improvement.

The Double Flusher

This one is fairly simple. This usually means that the tank’s water level may be set too high. Lowering the tank level should provide favorable results.

The Sluggish Flush

There may be more than one meaning to this symptom, but there is a way to narrow down what the issue may be. Fill a bucket with roughly 5 gallons of water and dump it into the bowl as quickly as possible being careful not to splash. If you see that the water backs up into the bowl and then flows out slowly, then your problem is most likely a clog. However, if you see that doing this makes the flush much stronger, then a clog may not be your problem.

Hopefully some of these simple tricks can spare you a dime or two with the plumber. Also, simple ways to avoid more drastic problems with your home plumbing can start with basic inspections that can be done with the naked eye. By examining naked pipes for condensation and moisture, you may be able to detect trouble areas (But keep in mind that sweat on a copper or other metal pipe may be normal on a humid day).

You may also find it beneficial to schedule a home inspection from a certified plumber from time to time. Preventative measures are always the most convenient path to Toronto home maintenance, especially when it comes to plumbing.

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