There are several reasons copper repiping becomes imperative. Some people require it because they found a leak in their existing pipes. In some cases, you want it because the water pressure in your home has reduced severely. And some people realize the need of cooper repiping once they notice rusty color in their pipes. Repiping is probably the rarer home improvement tasks individuals undergo, as it’s less evident than new furniture or upholstery. However, in the long run it can save you lots of money, preventing a pipe burst, a flooded basement, or even worse.

What is copper re-piping? Copper re-piping needs to be done to change the old pipes, which may have severely rusted or have deteriorated as time passes. Just take a look at the homes that are built more than 25 years back. Generally they are piped with typical iron pipes. And these older homes have galvanized pipes too.

Copper Repipe But in both cases, the piping was surrounded in zinc coating. Naturally, as time passes, the zinc breaks down and the pipes start rusting. When that happens, adapting to copper repipe is your best option. Repiping removes and/or bypasses the existing system. Like aged residences, older commercial buildings also need copper repiping.

Who can help? There’re lots of plumbing companies who do this. Just hire a dependable one. Call a few and have them to pay a visit to review the problems. Ask them to leave a quote. That way, you can compare among several quotes. But also be aware the quality of work they offer.

Copper Repipe Specialist – What do they generally do?

But repiping happens to be an intensive and thorough job. So it’s better to let the professionals manage it. The experts first figure out the present pipe pattern. Then they make new copper pipe matching the previous piping. Their job is to run the new copper piping precisely along the current pipes. This makes their copper repiping job easier. Veteran repiping technicians bring along necessary tools like elbows, adapters and other threading equipments.

Cleaning those fittings as well as the pipe is also part of their job. When they’re done with all that, they use flux paste (a type of acid used for cleaning and soldering the copper). But cleaning essentially needs to be done before soldering. Once they’ve have cut the outdated pipes, they will solder in fresh copper repiping. And that’s it! But it double checking can help assure the cold water has been really connected to the cold water pipe – not the hot water one.

Rust progressively accumulates with the pipes, hampering the water flow and creating even more build-up of ugly and stinky gunk or slime all through the plumbing system. You get water that is rusty, smelly, and low in volume. Cleaning up all that doesn’t seem sensible any more. So, copper re-pipe is a good means to start things over fresh and new. And copper pipes have a reputation to last for decades. Unlike galvanized or iron pipes, copper do not deteriorate as time passes.

Copper re-piping, like said earlier, is a practical solution for common residential homes, commercial buildings, apartments, and condominiums. A less expensive option could be modern plastic polymers repiping (a recent development in construction industry). But compared to copper repipe solutions, this is far less viable in terms of durably.

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