Let’s take a look at some points to know more about various problems which can be caused due to ignoring damaged drain lines.

What is drainage water?

Drainage water mostly consists of urine, feces, waste water and various parasites. It also consists of viruses, bacteria, and organisms.

Sudden increase in number of insects

You should immediately check sewers and drain chambers in and around your property if you realize that the number of cockroaches in your area is rapidly increasing. You might think that squeezing few of them under your shoes will end the problem. However, this might lead to more trouble and diseases.

Pluming experts suggest that insects, mostly cockroaches, prefer to stay in drain lines which are filthy and need cleaning. So, where ever you see large number of cockroaches, there might be some or the other drainage chamber which requires cleaning. You should call sewer plumbing service provider and get all the concerned drains inspected.

How can drain water spread diseases?

Drainage water is processed, cleaned and then poured into rivers, and sea. Unfortunately, sometimes large amount of water is released in the sea and other water bodies without processing. So, people end up drinking contaminated-water which can spread various diseases. Even aquatic life is in danger due to this poisonous-water, and so are people who eat that contaminated sea food. Even inhaling water-drupelets and using contaminated-water for washing hands, face, garments, cooking vessels can cause severe infections.

Some of the most common diseases caused due to drain water are- hepatitis, gastro-enteritis, dehydration, vomiting, etc. You should avoid swimming in contaminated water, do not even wash your hands with contaminated water. Never visit beaches where it is contaminated, and avoid buying sea food from such coastal areas.

Stinginess can lead to property damages worth thousands of dollars

Leaking drain lines cause considerable amount of water contamination. Water leaked from drain lines can enter underground tanks, swimming pools and other drinking water sources. If ignored, leaking water from underground pipes can also cause flooding and landslides. There is no point in taking risks, just to save few hundred dollars. Only regular drainage inspections and maintenance can keep your property away from drain line related damages.

Alertness can help you to save your and your neighboring properties from damages

One person alone cannot stop the massive water pollution. However, you can definitely play your part in helping Mother Nature by following few simple steps.

Call professional Toronto plumbers and opt for inspections after regular intervals of time. Never ignore any water leakage, may it be within your property or outside, on street.

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