Many Toronto homes have leaks they don’t know about until the water bill has reached astronomical levels or if water has piled up in a certain area that hasn’t been checked in a while. One particular area to check for leaks in a Toronto home is in the toilet, which can easily leak for many different reasons.

Toilet leaks are easy enough to check, all that’s needed is to take the top of the tank off, and use food coloring in the tank.

Only a few drops of food coloring is necessary, and wait up to half an hour to see if the food coloring can be noticed or seen inside of the toilet bowl.

If no food coloring is seen in the toilet bowl, then you don’t have a leak in the flapper, but make sure to check all the toilets in the home for leaks and not just a single toilet that you may suspect is leaking.

Check The Water Meter

Water meters are an excellent way to check for leaks in the home, especially since it should keep track of all water usage in the home. If you know how to check your water meter, then you can use the meter to figure out where there is a leak if there is one at all.

Even if you locate a leak using the water meter, it doesn’t mean you won’t need a plumber to fix the leak, it just means that you’ll be able to pinpoint the leak for the plumber, making their job that much easier.

Shut off the valve for the water meter, and make sure to check on the water meter right afterward. If you still see that the meter is turning, then it means that a leak is likely between the house and the meter. Depending on if you have a leaking valve or not, it’s still possible that a leak may be inside the Toronto home.

Shower Head

A shower head can be leaking, and it may not seem like a big deal, but it’s likely to cost you money. If a shower head is left leaking for one week, it can easily leak gallons of water, which then will cost even more money over time.

Usually, a shower head will be leaking to where you can see it, so simply check the shower heads for any leaks while they are turned off.

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