damage-water-pipes-toronto-plumberWater damage can occur in numerous ways. In some instances, you will realize immediately that the problem has occurred. Sometimes, the issues are not so obvious, which can cause additional complications. Explore how to detect potential moisture problems in your Toronto house.

Staining and Discoloration

With excessive moisture, you will likely see dark stains begin to spread over a ceiling, wall, or floor. The dark stains may be brown, gray, or black. Any time you notice staining on a surface, you should investigate to determine whether a leak or another type of water damage has occurred.

Fuzzy Surfaces

Household surfaces serve as an ideal host for mold and mildew. When moisture infiltrates these materials and sits for several days, mildew will develop. Mold spores often present themselves on a material as a fuzzy surface. Over time, the fuzzy growth will become thicker and more widespread.

Strange Odors

Your nose will often give you clues about water damage in your Toronto home. Stagnant water will eventually emit a strong odor. Within a short time, this moisture will begin rotting building materials such as wood, drywall, and ceiling tiles. If you smell an earthy scent in your home, this could be an indication that you have a moisture problem. A musty or “off” odor in an area of the house is a strong hint that you have either a leak or significant damage occurring somewhere in your home.

Peeling and Crumbling

Paint, plaster, and wallpaper may lose their ability to adhere to a surface. Any time you notice blistering or peeling surfaces, check carefully for moisture lurking behind the building materials. Wood may begin crumbling around windows and doorways or along baseboards.

Warping and Buckling

Many types of building materials will absorb moisture readily. It’s common to see sagging, warping, buckling, and swelling. Some surfaces may show damage by becoming spongy and soft. Flooring may crack and begin curving at the edges, indicating a leak occurring beneath the subfloor layer. You may notice that the floor starts to feel different beneath your feet when you walk over damaged areas.

Listen for Clues

Your ears can provide important clues to water damage. If you suspect a leaky roof, create a silent environment the next time it rains. Turn off everything that makes noise in your house, and walk through it from top to bottom while listening for clues. Stand in places where you think leaks may be occurring, and listen carefully. You might discover a leak by listening for the difference between the sound of rain bouncing off the roof and the drips leaking through to surfaces below.

New Paint Clues

When inspecting a Toronto house for possible purchase, look for newly painted areas of the interior. Homeowners may attempt to conceal water damage in a house for sale by painting over the discoloration. Any time you notice fresh paint, look deeper to determine whether the paint is covering up a problem.

Although they can be challenging to resolve, detecting moisture problems is the first step toward fixing them.

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