Leak detection services, means techniques and services to identify water leaks and gas leaks and to detect them in a proficient manner. Hidden or invisible leaks at any place and in any application are difficult to find and to detect. Even if a leakage pipe is noticed, there is no guarantee that the leak will be found. Water Leak detection service in Toronto is provided to builders, plumbers, building, facilities, loss adjusters, maintenance managers and homeowners to remove or trace the location of visible and hidden water leaks.

Leaks are visible in several positions within a building and property, but they actual originate from another area that is often hidden within the building’s structure. Walls and floors are unnecessarily damaged cause of leaks.

For detection of the source of such leaks, a full remediation program is provided to restore both domestic and commercial properties back to their original condition, with minimal disruption to the work or living environment.

There are many leak detection services in Toronto which play role to identifying such leaks and detect them:

  • Water Leak Detection
  • Step Testing
  • Water Consumption Management
  • Smart Metering (flow data logging)
  • Sub meter installation
  • Network Analysis
  • Main Tracing and Mapping
  • Pressure and Flow Testing
  • Fire Hydrant Surveys

These services work using latest electronic acoustic equipment in the detection of water leaks on underground mains at commercial, industrial and domestic premises and enable the pinpointing of underground leaks. With the help of these types of scientific techniques, it is easy to identify the location of a hidden leak quickly, cost effectively, precisely and with minimal damage to walls and floors.

Leak Detection Services in Toronto help with the following issues:

  • Damp proof failures
  • Rain penetration
  • Condensation issues
  • Mould growth
  • Inherent damp issues

Leak detection services that detect leaking pipes, water leak detection and hidden leaks and damp and also carry out all the necessary repairs drying of the damp areas and return the area to its original condition and more reliable.


Non-destructive is the more beneficial technique to detection of all types of leaks including hidden water leaks.

Save Money – Non-destructive technology and methods allow us to fix leak or damp issue quickly without the need to damage your property and also restore your property to its original condition when we finish. In the unfortunate event that a leaking pipe or hidden damp it is important to resolve the issue immediately to prevent any major mould issue or structural damage.

The most important thing about water leak detection services is that they can save our time and reduce water bill and maintain it.

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