For a person who finds they have water bills that are much higher than they expected, there’s a good chance the reason why is a water leak somewhere in the Toronto home. If nothing is done to find the source of the leak and fix it, the amount of water wasted can be staggering.

It’s estimated that a dripping faucet that is not fixed can wind up wasting in excess of 1,000 gallons per year, which can result in extra money being paid out for nothing. To make sure this doesn’t happen, a person needs to be vigilant when it comes to locating a water leak and making sure it gets fixed promptly.

Examine the Water Meter

If the water bills are going higher and higher, the first stop should be the home’s water meter. Start by looking at the current reading and then shutting it off for 20-30 minutes, then turn it back on and take note of the reading.

If it stayed the same, there may be no water leak at all. However, if the number changed it means a leak is present somewhere in the home. If the jump was small, it may be only a dripping faucet. But if the increase was substantial in a short period of time, other possibilities such as the main water line may need to be considered.

Cooling Systems

In many of today’s homes, the cooling system is often the source of an occasional water leak. If water suddenly starts to accumulate around the furnace or is seen dripping from nearby ductwork, the cooling system may be the cause of the problem.

In most cases, the reason for the water leak may be a refill valve that has broken and is allowing water to leak from the system. A plumber can examine the system and determine if it is indeed the refill valve, or if bigger problems are evident.

Leaking Water Heater

Water heaters, although made to be very durable, sometimes experience leaks as they get older. If a homeowner notices puddles of water near their water heater, they may need to call a plumber to determine the cause. Because water heaters are dangerous due to their high temperatures, a plumber should be the only person making repairs. In some cases, the leak may be so extensive that it would be cheaper and safer to purchase and install a new one.

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