Sump pump installation by Mister PlumberTo ensure that the basement of your home is dry, you might need to install a sump pump. This is the easiest way to ensure that your home remains healthy and can obtain extra floor space, even living space, from the dry basement. An expert Toronto plumber will take care to complete the following steps when installing a sump pump in your Toronto home. Unless all the steps are rigorously followed, your basement might not remain dry in spite of the expenses you have borne.

Excavation of Sump Pump Pit

The first step in the installation of a sump pump is the excavation of the sump pump pit near your Toronto home. The size of the sump pump pit has to be just right. A very small pit will result in the sump pump pumping out water faster than it is filled, leading to frequent restarting. A very deep pit will mean that the sump is collecting water that is away from your home, straining the sump pump. The pit is then lined to ensure that the sump pump is protected from mud and debris found around the basement.

Installation of the Perimeter Drain to Take Water to the Sump Pump

Once the contractor digs the sump pump pit, they will install the perimeter drain to collect the water around your basement. In case it is needed, drains will also be laid under the basement of your home to collect excess water. A contractor that specializes in keeping basements dry will install special drains that keep the basement walls dry.

Installation of the Sump Pump

The next step is the installation of the sump pump in your home. The sump pump is installed in the lined pump pit and closed with an air tight lid. Care is taken to fill the area around the sump pit with gravel. These measures will ensure that the sump pump is free of debris and mud. If you take care of your sump pump it will take care of you is the reasoning behind a lot of this. Moreover, the tight lid will ensure that children and pets do not have access to the water in the sump. The secure lid will also make sure that not any foul smelling odors have an opportunity to escape the sump pit.

Discharge Pipe Installation

Once the sump pump is installed your sump pump contractor in Toronto and other nearby areas will install the discharge pipe and conceal it. When the perimeter area finished, and an anti-freeze device is installed to ensure the pipes do not freeze in cold weather. You know how cold New Jersey winters are.

Clean up

A good contractor will ensure that the crew cleans up the entire area where they worked; they will cover their tracks in other words. All debris will be removed and the basement as well as the perimeter will be left as if no one was working there. The turf or grass will be replaced if it has been removed.

Basement Upgrade

Once you are sure of a dry basement you can consider installing a dehumidifier and start work on finishing or remodeling your basement. It may even be ready for the World Series or Monday Night Football if you are planning on transforming it into a game room. You can be sure that the basement will not become flooded and damage the foundation, floor, any of your items, the walls, and so forth.

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