toronto Unclogging DrainsA drain that is free from clogs and blockages is one less thing to worry about. If the drains are not cleaned on a regular basis, there can be quite a few problems. Clogs can harden up the interior walls of any pipe, and it ultimately leads to leakage and even breaking of pipes. Before hiring a reputed Toronto drain cleaning service to take care of your problem, you should look at the probable causes, which lead to blockages.

Causes of Drain Blockages

There can be innumerable reasons for a blocked drain. Ignoring the issues will only worsen the problem. That will result in frustration for the tenants or people working in the building. Of course, the cost of repair rises significantly because it may entail replacement of one or more components of the drainage system. Some of the common blockage issues are given below.

Hair is by far one of the most common causes of blocked pipes. As hair does not degenerate, they tend to accumulate inside the pipes. This not only slows down the flow but also causes other wastes to accrue along with clumps of hair, which increases the problem.

Grease from kitchen also finds its way into the drains and causes clogging. Although it acts like a liquid, grease tends to solidify inside the pipes leading to blockage.

A lesser-known cause of blockages is the roots of trees. As wastewater tends to be rich in nutrients, roots get attracted to drain pipes. Apart from obstructing the flow of water, the tree roots can damage the pipes leading to permanent leakage.

Selecting a Trusted Toronto Company

It is extremely important to select a reliable drain cleaning company. After all, drainage issues must not be taken lightly. A mistake can lead to enormous expenses and might even completely shut down the functioning of a building until the problems are resolved. Here are few things that you should consider while making a choice.

Emergency Services

The issues need to be treated immediately as they cause immense inconvenience that renders the system inoperable. As such, the agency should be willing to provide services at a moment’s notice.


In order to identify the core issue plaguing the drainage system, it is important to make use of the latest technology. Moreover, agencies that use modern equipment and technologies can ensure that the problem does not recur.

A good Toronto drain cleaning company keeps your house or office safe from all issues that arise out of a problematic drainage system.

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