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Does your Etobicoke home have a clogged drain? That sucks. We know.

As a homeowner, you’re forced to put everything on pause only to face unpleasant smells, structural damages, & potential exposure to toxic, disease-inducing bacteria and germs.

As a full-service plumbing company, Mister Plumber proudly sends expert emergency technicians to inspect, repair, and revitalize your broken-down pipes or install fresh drains to upgrade your home and keep it compliant with Ontario plumbing codes.

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Why are my drains clogged?

When our plumbers arrive at your Etobicoke home, they might identify some of the following as the main culprits for your drain blockage:

  1. Hair, skin flakes, & soap. Each time you wash your face and hair in the washroom, your body sheds. As the gunk binds to the soap scum on the drain pipes, it can clog your Etobicoke home’s drains over time.
  2. Female hygiene products, wipes, diapers, cotton swabs, & floss. Having a clogged toilet and bathroom is the worst. When larger household items are flushed down the drain instead of disposed of in the trash, these problems can occur.
  3. Oil, grease, fat, and food waste. Cooking substances often clog your kitchen drains because they adhere to the drain pipes and clump together rather than dissolve with the water.
  4. Offset pipes, tree roots, plants & leaves, and mineral build-up. As an Etobicoke homeowner, you can’t control everything. Over time, the ground may shift and settle, dislocating older pipes and interfering with water flow. Even the tiniest crack in a pipe can allow roots, mineral deposits, leaves, or other plants and dirt to seep through and cause backups.

What happens if I don’t clean my drains?

If choking your home’s water flow wasn’t bad enough, a clogged drain in your Etobicoke home can bring other inconveniences and serious risks:

  • Unpleasant smells. As wastewater and gunky sewage accumulates, or your dried-up pipes (from the blockage) stop receiving water, it can exude a foul stench that can leak throughout your home and cause headaches or nausea.
  • Structural damage from leakages. In most cases, the backwater flow from drain clogs builds up pressure which can lead to a pipe burst or leak. This can weaken the structural integrity of your Etobicoke residence, and in worst-case scenarios (if left untreated), you may have to deal with flooding.
  • Potential exposure to dangerous bacteria, mould, & pests. The waste build-up in your blocked drain pipes creates a nasty breeding ground for toxic bacteria that could flow back through your sinks or toilets – risking allergies and diseases to household members. Harmful mould can also grow on your walls from water leaks and spread through spores. Lastly, stagnant water attracts infectious pests or insects, further putting everyone at risk.

Drain backups are no joke. Start preventing wastewater backflow from damaging your walls or furniture and keep household members safe with reliable mainline backwater valve installation & maintenance.

Inspection downstream Etobicoke

High-definition drain cameras for a clear inspection.

Before executing a solution, our drain technicians will expertly diagnose what’s wrong with your Etobicoke home’s drain system with high-resolution drain cameras that capture drain blockage in real-time.

Once we know what we’re dealing with, we can devise a safe and effective plumbing solution. As we move through your pipes, we may even find some other plumbing issues to iron out before your basement unit passes legal inspections by the city.

Dislodge stubborn debris with drain snakes.

Our professional plumbers in Etobicoke are master-licensed, bonded, and insured. We guarantee performance at every level with a plumbing arsenal that holds industry-leading drain snaking tools from top brands like RIGID.

By using a long, flexible auger tool, our drain technicians can dislodge any stuck debris in your drainpipes. If your drains are narrower, we’ve got 1/4″ and 3/8″ diameter cables to dig out finer hard stuck gunk. If you have critical underground drains and sewer pipes, we use heavy-duty 7/8″ diameter snakes to ram it all out.

Power-flush serious clogs with hydro jetting.

When we say we are ready to handle any plumbing issue, we mean it.

Mister Plumber uses powerful industrial-grade water jets from RIGID like the KJ-3100 to scrub drain pipes at over 1000 PSI with water pressure. It’s safe to say that no debris will remain in your plumbing after we’ve purged your drains.

Give your drain system an upgrade with new unified pipes.

Many Etobicoke homeowners unknowingly use outdated and deteriorated clay sewage systems that are deteriorating in function and quality.

Having your old drain pipes replaced will prevent soil, tree roots, and other debris from creeping into the pipes and causing blockages and backups. The hollow spaces in these ancient clay pipes make them more fragile because of their multi-jointed construction.

Your drainpipes will wear out with age. To have peace of mind about your home’s drainage system, call Mister Plumber to replace your old, worn-down drains with new and improved unified plastic PVC pipes.

Say goodbye to clogged and broken-down drains and enjoy uninterrupted water flow throughout your entire home today.

Why choose Mister Plumber to clean your drains in Etobicoke?

With a 4.9/5 average rating and over 18 years of experience serving Canadian homeowners, Mister Plumber is the go-to pipe cleaning company in Etobicoke.

  • 24/7 emergency plumbing services. Accidents happen at the most inconvenient times—and they don’t follow your 9-5. Our plumbers are on standby 24/7 to reach your doorstep asap.
  • Licensed plumbers with years of experience. Mister plumber thoroughly vets every plumber for competence and great customer service before hand-picking them for the team.
  • Schedule plumbing appointments around your day. Flexibly choose an available time according to your day for our drain technicians to arrive.
  • We’re honest & transparent. Be involved as much as you want in the process. Ask our plumbers anything and get a full quote so you know what to expect.
  • Guaranteed parts and repairs. Plumbing accidents are bad enough. But to go searching for the right drain parts is another nightmare for your busy schedule. Our professional drain service technicians source the highest-quality products for you and work with confidence.

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Keep your Etobicoke home’s drains clog-free with Mister Plumber today.

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