While it may not happen as frequently as other plumbing problems, drain cleaning is something that we will all need to address eventually. It is a necessary component of maintaining a clear plumbing system that includes your sewer lines. We hardly ever pay attention to the sewer system in our homes. Yet, like your toilet, it is an essential component. Without it, your plumbing system would not operate.

While it may not be anyone’s favorite part of the plumbing system, the sewer is an absolutely necessity. It is your sewer system that removes the waste product from your home. If any problem occurs, we quickly notice it. The smell can be overpowering. The health consequences, if it is not taken care of immediately can

What Are the Major Reasons for Drain Cleaning?

There are several reasons a Mississauga company such as Mister Plumber maybe called to your home. A sewer line clog may requiring drain cleaning, may be one of them. This problem can occur as a result of several potential scenarios:

  • If you have trees in the vicinity of your sewer lines, they may break into and clog the drain
  • The pipes and lines are old and have decayed sending small pieces of metal and other matter into the pipe and clogging it
  • The pipes may freeze creating a clog
  • A dense object is flushed down the toilet and then becomes lodged. This creates a blockage
  • You wash down oils, grease and various food particles down the kitchen sink drain

In essence, what happens is the material or objects becomes lodged in the sewer drain pipes. It gathers more debris and, eventually, when the pipe is coated and narrowed. It eventually closes off. No liquids of any sort can pass through. As a result, the water backs up.

These are all reasons why your sewer pipe may clog. While some can be prevented by drain cleaning maintenance and greater care on your part, others may actually require the replacement of the pipe.

Indications Your Sewer Drain Is Clogged

No matter how much or little you know about your household plumbing system, you can easily spot the signs that your sewer is clogged and may require a professional to perform some drain cleaning operations. They are more obvious than some plumbing problems. Indications of the need for drain cleaning include:

  • Multiple Plumbing Fixtures And Devices Are Affected: Instead of one back-up in the sink or kitchen, you are suffering from several. The problems may manifest themselves simultaneously in your bathtub, sink and toilet.
  • Weird Things Happen: Your fixtures suddenly seem to be possessed. You flush your toilet and the material ends up in the bathtub. You drain the sink and the water flows upwards into the sink, toilet or tub
  • Your Washing Machine Produces Strange Reactions: When you run the washing machine or even the dishwater, you may find the water makes a sudden reappearance in your bathroom

If any of the above occurs, place that call to your Mississauga plumber. At Mister Plumber, they can detect whether drain cleaning is the right response. If it is not, they will recommend other options. Whatever the issue, do not hesitate. An improperly functioning swage system is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with immediately before anything serious occurs that may not only affect you but those around you.

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