We were so upset when our drains backed up only days before Christmas. We didn’t know what was wrong and everything smelled like sewage, it was awful. Mister Plumber ended up coming out to do an inspection on Christmas eve! I couldn’t believe how fast the service was. I see they advertise they are 365 days/year service with no extra charges for holidays/ weekends and they mean it! Much to our dismay we had major problems with tree roots in 2 places that would require excavation & replacement of the pipe.The did a camera inspection and were able to show and explain exactly what the problem was and what options we had. I did ask around with another plumbing company and people I know in the business and Mister Plumber’s price was very good. Through the cold and snow they dug up our front lawn and did the replacement. It was muddy work and they were extremely careful not to track dirt into our house, which I appreciated. They also had to dig in our partially finished basement which involved going through the sub-floor and concrete. I am told our old clay pipes were particularly deep, but despite this they got the whole job done very quickly. They even got the inspector out to sign off on the backwater valve right away, over the holidays! In all everything was done and cleaned up within 3 days and they provided us with all the paperwork and information we needed to submit for the government rebate without me even needing to ask. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with and relieved a lot of the stress of dealing with this unfortunate situation. Big thank you to Vlad and his excellent team!

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