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Toronto-plumbers-Replacing old sump pump with new oneSump pumps are an important part of almost every basement. In Toronto, every newly built house must have a sump pump. Some older houses still have a combined drain, which has the weeping tiles connected to a sanitary drain. There two types of sewage: sanitary and storm. Sanitary sewage comes from plumbing fixtures such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs etc. Storm sewage comes from weeping tiles and walk-out drains. Storm sewage is considered “clear waste” and it goes to the lake without any treatment. Sanitary sewage must be treated at a plant, which implies all those requisite chemicals for purification. The load to sewer pipes increases every year and underground pipes remain the same. Hundreds of new buildings add significant amounts of sanitary waste to Toronto sewers. To reduce costs in the treatment of such sewage, the City Of Toronto encourages homeowners to disconnect their weeping tiles from combined drains and install sump pumps that discharge underground water to front or back yards. There are some incentives for homeowners in Toronto, such as the Toronto Flood Protection Subsidy Program: for disconnecting your weeping tiles and installing a new sump pump, every homeowner is eligible to get a rebate of $ 1750, together with backwater valve installation grant ($ 3400). For more details, please contact Mister Plumber at 416-939-1530.

Toronto-plumbers-Sump pump and check valve installationThere are two types of sump pumps Toronto: pedestal and submersible. In pedestal pumps, the electrical motor is located above water level and the suction pipe is submerged into the wastewater. Submersible pumps have their electrical motors in a body filled with oil and located at the bottom of the sump pit ; the body of such pumps is waterproofed and that is why it can work completely under water. For residential applications pumps are from 1/3 HP to 1 HP. Many people think that if they install a very powerful pump, it will be more reliable and last longer. What really breaks sump pumps is turning in on/off frequently off. Therefore, the 1/3HP or 1/2HP varieties are a better choice. During the last heavy rainstorm in July 2013 that affected many residents in Toronto and Mississauga, a lot of homes were flooded because of power outages that caused significant damage. So if you would like to protect your basement from flood, we can offer emergency backup sump pumps that will work in case of power outages. These secondary emergency sump pumps use batteries or water pressure from the main cold water pipe. Battery backup sump pumps can be installed in any basement, while water jet sump pumps can only be installed in basements that have at least a ¾’’ waterline from the street and the water pipe is located close to the sump pit. Water jet pumps use water pressure, and on average, it discharges one gallon of water for every two gallons of wastewater from the sump well.

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