pipe--contaminateLead in water is definitely a risk to your health especially to your young children. It can cause tremendous damage to your brain and nervous system. If you suspect that the pipes in your house are made of lead, decide right away and start the replacement works. Safety should always be your top priority.

What happens when people come in contact with drinking water contaminated by lead? Will that automatically mean that my life and health is at risk? What are the things that need to be done to avoid exposure to the life-threatening effects of lead in water?

The answer is simple. you just have to replace it.

Much has been said about the ill effects of lead in water when taken into the body. Doctors said that lead can affect the human body and the central nervous system causing it to malfunction. It was also observed that the effect of lead to children especially to infants who are drinking milk formula using water containing lead is definitely fatal because milk formula is their sole source of food.

Lead from tap water is usually caused by aging lead pipes or galvanized steel of the city or by the old lead pipes you used at home. If your house was built in 1950’s, chances are, the water pipes you used at home are made of galvanized steel containing lead.

In a recent survey drawn from 15,000 samples of tap water submitted for analysis in the city of Toronto for the past six years, it was shown that thirteen percent of the household tap water submitted for analysis showed unsafe levels of lead content. The results of the test prompted the city to replace lead pipes however, the lack of information dissemination slowed down what seem to be a major process.

If people were made aware of the side-effect of lead in water, more and more people will consider replacing their old lead pipes. While it is true that changing the private lead pipes at home is a huge work, still the benefits of replacing it with a safer one would outweigh all the negative aspects of it. I think it would be better to live with the hassle for a while than to live knowing that you and your family is exposed to a higher health risk. Think about it.

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