If you have a toilet, chances are you are going to have a clog. You know it is more likely to occur when you least expect it. It is also more prone to act up during holidays and on weekend. Late at night is the favorite time for many an emergency plumbing repair.

You can perform some toilet repairs on your own. It is far easier to do so today than in the past. Yet, even if we have the expertise, we often do not have the tools or cannot spare the time. Yet, even if you think you can handle toilet emergencies, remember, there are times when you will not be able to handle it on your own.

For whatever reason, it may simply be easier and faster to call in the professionals to handle the emergency Etobicoke plumbing repair that is caused by your toilet.

Toilet Despair

A fixture that does not trickle provide your family with the right flow of water generally ca be handled by cleaning the nozzle tips. It is not an emergency. A plugged or clogged toilet, on the other hand, can and often is. To mop up the mess it causes by overflowing upon flushing is not going to solve the issue. Yet, before you call in the professionals, you might first want to check on what could have caused the problem.

Common Causes of Toilet Clogs

You can often look at clogged toilets in relationship to the type of clog that has been caused. This, in turn, can be considered as either natural or foreign

  • Natural Clogs: A natural clog is one that is created by the waste sometimes with the help of bathroom tissue paper. The material may become lodged in a pipe at a bend. A natural clog may be cleared or broken up by employing the plunger. You may also find that clearing the bowl of all water and then pouring down any of the following natural substances: hot water, vinegar and baking soda may be successful in removing the clog.
  • Foreign Clogs: In many cases, the cause of the clog is not natural. It happens when someone flushes down an object that has no right to be there e.g. toys, cell phones, grease, hair. A plunger will have no effect. Neither will a small snake or closet auger be able to free the trapped material. It is, however, worth a try. Just be careful you are not pushing the clog further down the line and, therefore, affect other aspects of your plumbing system.

Of the two types of clogs, the latter type is more likely to require emergency Etobicoke plumbing repair services.

Etobicoke Emergency Plumbing Repair Services for your Toilet

One you have discovered what type of clog and the potential cause, you can then consider your next step. If possible, go ahead and try to remove it on your own. Buy a plunger or a snake. Go online and discover natural ways to remove clogs. If, however, you have neither the time nor the inclination and the clog is a serious one, locate the best emergency plumbing repair service in your Etobicoke neighborhood and have them come over to take care of the matter, hopefully, for good.

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