Imagine that you just got home from work and you see a major disaster in your bathroom. There is water everywhere and your head starts spinning because you do not know what to do to solve the problem immediately.

A list of steps has been provided below for you to follow in case you have a plumbing emergency:

Contact a local Toronto Plumber Right Away

Many Toronto plumbing contractors are super busy; so the emergency that you have in your home is something that they deal with on a daily basis. Ask a reputable plumbing contractor to reach your home as soon as possible and inform them about the damage that you see.

Try to clean up the area as much as you can before the plumber arrives, so that it is easier for him to fix the issue.

Contact the Authorities

You can contact the water department of your city to shut off the water route to your home free of cost. You can find the number of the water department on your water bill. If the leak is really causing damage, then you can ask the fire department to rush over to your home. Remember that some fire departments may charge a fee for making a trip to help solve your problem.

Find the Water Source and Immediately Turn it Off

Is the faucet or the toilet causing the leak? There may be many fixtures in your home that you can stuff off with your hands. Water heaters have valves and some faucets or toilets have valves installed in their cabinets. So, just try to find the valves and turn them all off and this will help you save loads of cash in the end. Every home has a water main shut off valve. It is usually next to the water meter, either outside your house in a meter pit, in your basement or towards the front of your house behind an access panel or inside a closet. In some cases, you will just have a valve because the water meter is located somewhere else. Closing this valve will turn off all the incoming water to your home and immediately stop the water.

Remember not to panic or take your anger out on the plumber. Be calm and explain the situation to the plumber and everything will be solved in a hassle-free manner. These steps are easy to follow and you will be able to reduce the damage to your wallet and to your home if you pay attention to this simple list.

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