Their is a drain from the unit above us, that is broken, and leaks on us. It has been broken for quite some time, however only leaks when the toilet floods and water come through the drain. This time however, the drywall is saturated with water and has come down in the middle of my business.

We open for business at 9 pm Saturday night and need the pipe and drywall (or at least temporary solution) to be resolved prior to then.

If you can provide someone to repair both these problems by 9 pm, then we will hire you. (cost will eventually be passed on to the landlord, however he is too slow to act)

That being said, we were open till 4 am, last night, and I’m going to sleep, please email me back (AND DO PUT ME on YOUR SCHEDULE as a call) if you can accommodate and I will call you as soon as I wake up.

If I have not contacted you by 1 pm, call me. If you cannot, then I appreciate your time, and will attempt alternate arrangements.

Thank you

Etobicoke, ON

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