We noticed our drain was running really slowly and had Igor from Mister Plumber have a look before things got worse. Igor promptly returned my initial call, and showed up on time for the appointment. After inspection I was given a fair and honest account of the current situation and options were presented as to how we could proceed. The current issue was being caused by the drain close to the house – which would result in a minor piece being replaced, and the backwater valve being installed.

Upon further investigation, the drain pipe leading to the city’s system had issues that were only going to get worse over time. We decided to take Igor’s recommendation and do a complete job from inside the house, right through to the city connection. In the long-run, this seemed like the wisest and most economical way to go. The Mister Plumber crew showed up on time and worked through-out the day and well into the evening to make sure we were back up and running. They arranged for everything, including the required permits, city reimbursement documents and scheduling the inspector. The guys on the crew made sure to keep the disruption and mess to a minimum and covered everything with drop clothes to keep things as clean as possible. And, whenever I needed to get a hold of them, they always answered my calls, and always let us know what to expect with regard to timing of the project.

It was our first experience using Mister Plumber, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, honest plumbing service.

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