I have looked through HomeStars for a good company that can handle our renovation needs.

Based on numerous positive reviews I have chosen you to provide me with an estimate on PLUMBING WORK ONLY.


1. BATHROOM #1 (Toilette Install, Vanity plumbing, Tiled Shower Install  30 x60 Tub),#2 ((Toilette Install, Vanity plumbing, Tiled Shower Install  30 x60 Tub) and  #3 (Toilette Install, Vanity plumbing, Tiled Stand up Shower)

2. Kitchen (Plumbing for New Sink)

3. New water line to new Fridge that will have water dispenser

4. Change 1/2″ water line to 3/4″ on the Gas Water Boiler

5. Change City of Pickering main line from 1/2″ to 3/4″

As per Home Inspection: Service Piping into the House: Copper ½” Supply Piping: Copper ½”

Increase the size of the piping to ¾” from the main shut off valve to the water heater for increased flow.

Upgrade the service piping into the house to reduce flow drop when more than one fixture is used at the same time.

Please respond with an email so that I can send you some pictures of the job.

Kind Regards.

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