Many people are afraid to have someone come check out a small or hidden water leak. They are scared that if they have someone come out to take a look that it will lead to a long, drawn-out, expensive repair. Because of this, many homeowners will ignore a leak, pretending that nothing is wrong in the hope that it will go away on its own. Water leaks, namely those that originate in plumbing pipes and fixtures, don’t typically just go away. They will, on the other hand, get progressively worse. Because of this, you should take care of any leaks right away. Here are a few reasons why.

Etobicoke Plumbing: Damaged Ceilings

John noticed a leak in his apartment, and did the right thing by notifying his landlord. The leak was causing discoloration in his ceiling, which was the first sign that something serious was wrong. After several phone calls, John noticed that part of the ceiling had fallen onto the floor. As he cleaned up the mess, he looked up just in time to see the entire bathroom ceiling start to crumble above his head. Luckily for him, he was able to avoid any injury from the ceiling that was damaged by his upstairs neighbor’s toilet and ignored by his landlord.

Etobicoke Plumbing: Damaged and Ruined Finishes

Water is bad for pretty much all of the finishes and materials in your Etobicoke home. As the story above indicates, it is particularly bad for drywall. It is also damaging to wallpaper, paint, tile, paneling and natural wood. No matter how many new coats of stain that you put on a damaged finish, it will still have that water-stained look. Because of this, you have to spend considerable time and money replacing these damaged items.

Etobicoke Plumbing: Mold and Rot Growth

In order for mold to grow in your home, all you need are two components: food and water. Unfortunately for you, mold loves to dine on wood and paper. A seemingly small water leak within a wall turns into a playground for mold. Whenever the wood in the walls remains wet for a long period of time, it will begin to rot. This leads to a whole list of further problems, such as structural safety and general sturdiness of your home. Furthermore, damaged wood is the ideal home for many invasive invaders such as carpenter ants, termites and rodents. Before you know it, your small leak could turn into a total infestation.

Etobicoke Plumbing: Leaks Spread

Leaks spread faster than you can imagine. Because of its pervasive nature, water can make its way into almost any crack, cranny or crevice. This means that what you believe is a tiny leak could actually have spread into areas that you cannot actually see. Common areas for this are in the walls behind cabinets, bathtubs, shower stalls and other permanent fixtures that could block you from seeing the issue. Your best bet is to always err on the side of caution and have any suspected leak inspected as soon as you notice it.

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