We often see only what is on the surface. Our homes consist of shiny appliances, flooring, pictures on painted walls and high or low ceilings. When it comes to our plumbing, we notice the sinks, the bathtubs, the faucets and even the drains. Yet, plumbers see beyond all these superficialities. For them, a major concern is always going to be the pipes.

Why Pipes?

One of the major reasons you may talk to plumbers is because of the pipes. While you may not see the pipes, they are there, behind your walls carrying fresh water into the home and taking waste water away. While the walls protect the pipes from everyday damage, they do not stop wear and tear from occurring. Moreover, with them tucked safely out of sight, you may fail to notice a problem until later.

Pipes age. They can be improperly installed. They may even be defective. All these issues can result in minor to severe damage to your home. It is imperative that you research the topic and talk to a professional Etobicoke plumber about the condition and nature of your pipes, particularly if you live in an older home.

Aging Pipes

If your home is older, the pipes may also be dated. They can create problems. Old pipes are often constructed of material that can crumble or fall apart. If your pipes are constructed from any of the following, consider talking to the experts. Etobicoke plumbers can help you decide what should be your next move.

  • Terra Cotta: Only the oldest homes still have waste pipes made from this substance. As time passes terra cotta pipes split, crack and can fall apart. Tree roots are their natural enemies.
  • Steel: Steel pipes are susceptible to rust on their interior. Small particles detach from the pipe and fall into the pathway. They can build up to create a clog or, do worse – weaken the external structure of the pipe so that it caves in or cracks or bursts.
  • Galvanized Iron: Like steel pipes, iron ones can also flake over the years of usage. The result is a build-up or clog inside the pipe. This can affect the flow of water and even cause a ruptured pipe.

The plumbers in Etobicoke, ON, such as those in Mister Plumber can work with you to address the problem and prevent later problems.

How a Etobicoke Plumbers Can Address the Issues

The plumbing system is an important part of your home’s overall mechanical system. When you purchase a home, it is important that you understand the underpinnings of your plumbing. This includes the pipes. If you have any concerns, the best way to handle them and avoid further problems, is for you to talk to the professionals – the Etobicoke plumbers in your city or neighborhood.

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