Leaky Faucet

  • The most likely cause of a leaky faucet is a worn plastic washer (which acts as a cork inside the faucet). To replace it, start by closing the shut-off valve located under the sink. Then, with an adjustable wrench, take out the dome nut. Be careful not to damage the dome nut; to ensure that it isn’t damaged while removing (as it may be difficult), wrap with cloth or masking tape. Now you should be able to simply twist the faucet out. Next, use a screwdriver to remove the small screw that is holding the washer in its place. Install a new washer where the old one used to be, and make sure that it is the same size. Lastly, clean and lubricate all contact surfaces, then put the faucet back together.

Clogged Shower Head

  • First, remove the shower head with either your hands or a wrench depending on whether there’s a big nut on the pipe or not. If there is loose rust and grit inside the shower head, use a scrub brush to clean all of it. If the water openings are filled at all with encrusted rust, clean it with a small piece of wire or a paperclip. After you’ve cleaned everything, rinse out the shower head to ensure that any loose particles are gone and then you can reattach the shower head.

Cracked Concrete

  • To fix cracked concrete, like in your driveway, you’ll need a mason’s trowel, ¾” cold chisel, hammer and wire brush. It would also be a good idea to wear safety glasses throughout the process. To start fixing the crack, you’ll need to make sure it is ½” wide by tapping the chisel into the crack with a hammer. Try to get the crack wider at the bottom than the top. Any loose particles should be cleaned up with a wire brush before you continue. Next, wet the cracks and then trowel cement into the cracks, pressing it firmly and smoothing it over afterwards with the trowel as well. Let the crack sit for an hour, and then place some damp cloths over the cracks (make sure they are secure and won’t move) and leave them for a few days making sure that the cloths are always damp so that the crack will cure properly.

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