After reading a bunch of your reviews, we decided your company would be an excellent choice for us, and you are very close to where we live.

We were looking to get two things taken care of.

1. A quote to hook up a new stainless LG dishwasher, inplace of our existing dishwasher (my son and I can do the lifting of the dishwashers in to the kitchen, and old one out to the curb);

2. See where we have a small leak, we think its close to, and/or, related to the dishwasher plumping somewhere because when its running, we can hear drip drip and we found water marks coming through the basement ceiling tile (finished basement).

I know that cant be quoted until seen, but a rough idea of what we might be looking at would be great if possible. 

Your time and help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

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