Before, if there were any problems with your pipelines such as clogging, leaking or collapsed, the need to repair the pipe means you have to dig or excavate the lawn that can cause damage to the lovely landscape of your garden, or if the pipe is located under the house, then you don’t have a choice but to temporarily tear a part of your house structure just to address the problem.

Thanks to this new method, we no longer have to do that anymore. Instead of that previous reckless process, pipe bursting is now the answer to every pipe problem.


Pipe bursting is a method of replacing the old or damaged pipes using a trenchless option. Trenchless technology means a minimal excavation is required that doesn’t cause too much destruction to any surrounding properties. By doing this kind of process, a hydraulic steel is used to pull the cable of the old sewer or pipe. This then severs or “bursts” the broken pipe apart and brings in seamless pipe replacement that is also similar in size to the old pipe, but more durable and can last longer. Aside from that, numerous plumbing companies offer warranties along with their services. This method is truly efficient and at the same time cost-effective that is why this is a popular option nowadays considering the many benefits it brings.

So how do pipe bursting is being done? Beforehand, in order to really assess the pipe problem, a video sewer inspection must be done. This is convenient both to the client and the plumbers because the need to dig out the entire lawn or flooring just to know the problem is no longer needed. Thanks to this new technology, problems regarding with pipes can now be addressed easily and readily. Now, instead of digging the entire area to expose the pipe, two small holes are only dug. These holes are allocated for the device that will burst the old pipe and it also holds the new pipe for replacement, while the other hole is used as a way to remove the old pipe. Aside from that, this method only requires just about minutes or an hour of pipe bursting and installment, leading to an immediate and smoother flow within your pipeline system.

We at Mister Plumber can assist you with regards to your pipe system concerns. With cutting edge technology, surely our clients will benefit immensely with the result of our work. Our pipe bursting services or trenchless sewer services have been already trusted and sought after  for over 20 years in Toronto area. With our expert and professional team of plumbers, we only provide excellent work in order to address any client’s needs. Aside from that, we won’t leave you clueless on what we will do since we will educate you on how we make the process. Call us today so that we can immediately repair your pipeline setbacks.

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