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Leaky faucet repair

What is a faucet?

A faucet, also known as a tap, serves as a vital component in your home’s water distribution system, controlling the flow from pipes. Whether in your kitchen, bathroom, shower, laundry, utility room, or powder room, faucets may vary in appearance but share the common purpose of mixing hot and cold water while facilitating the opening and closing of water flow. Comprising water supply tubes, body, cartridge, spout, and handle, faucets, due to their moving parts and daily use, may encounter issues, leading to malfunction or leaks.

What is wrong with your tap?

Faucet malfunctions manifest in various forms, including visible leaks from the spout or handle, persistent dripping, temperature and pressure fluctuations, leaks from the body, difficulties in opening or closing water flow, broken handles, and low water pressure. These problems not only jeopardize property integrity but can also result in escalating water bills and potential harm to the skin due to sudden temperature changes.

With an array of faucet brands available on the market today, ranging from well-established names to newer players, the use of ceramic cartridges remains prevalent across almost all types. Recognized as the core and primary element of taps, ceramic cartridges employ a quarter-turn mechanism, regarded as non-wearing parts. Despite their durability, the minerals and particles present in the water, such as rust from hot water tanks or aging pipes, can lead to mineral buildup on the cartridges, causing faucet malfunctions or breakdowns.

What is the right approach to faucet repair?

When faced with faucet repair, the initial crucial step involves identifying the brand, as each manufacturer employs unique cartridges. Even different models within a brand may feature distinct sizes and types of cartridges, making it essential to obtain the correct replacement part. Mister Plumber, a reputable licensed contractor, specializes in faucet repair and replacement, ensuring a seamless resolution to your faucet issues. Discover the latest discounts and promotions at Mister Plumber.

What happens if a faucet cannot be repaired?

In some instances, due to age and a scarcity of replacement parts, repairing a faucet may not be feasible. In such cases, opting for a new faucet from the diverse market offerings becomes a practical solution. Mister Plumber recommends selecting well-known brands for new purchases to facilitate easy access to replacement parts in the future. While repairing remains a cost-effective option, the installation of a new faucet is a worthwhile investment, especially considering the wide range of styles and types available.

Old tub faucet repair – plumbing, drain services, water services

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