The fall season is most peoples’ favorite season: the leaves look beautiful, even more gorgeous when they are falling; Halloween is fun to decorate for, and to take the kids, grandkids, and their friends trick-or-treating; Thanksgiving provides families with one of the best holidays to spend with each other – not to mention all of the food that makes it more enjoyable; and football season is here and in its prime. Like everything in life, fall has both upsides and downsides.

Fall has the potential to be a nasty season, despite the favorable temperatures and beautiful landscapes. In many places, fall brings a wet three months, which can severely damage plumbing if the plumbing system in a home is not up to date, or if it does not follow building codes. Pipes can freeze and burst, septic tanks can overflow, and any drain in the house may become clogged up completely, or drain a lot slower than it normally would.

Most people are not familiar with construction, carpentry, remodeling homes, fixing plumbing, or anything that has to do with repairing a house. This is nothing to be ashamed of, so calling your local plumbing or construction company to come check out your ventilation system is a great way to find out if any repairs need to be made, or if anything new needs to be installed.

Garbage disposals are commonly destroyed in the fall season. Garbage disposals require lots of drainage to properly drain, and the wet fall can render a garbage disposal useless.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Messed Up?

If your garbage disposal is clogged, taking too long to drain, or experiencing any other problems, fall weather may have hurt your garbage disposal. Remember, do not be scared to call the local plumbing company to see if your garbage disposal is messed up. It is easy to know if it’s malfunctioning, but it is almost impossible for a naive home owner to know exactly what is wrong with it.

How Do You Fix The Garbage Disposal?

Using drain cleaner is the number one recommended thing to do for home owners. If that does not work, call a Mister Plumber.

Even if one has experience as a plumber, call the professionals. Garbage disposals are sometimes dangerous to fix, outside of using drain cleaners.

Who Can Fix Your Broken Garbage Disposal?

Plumbing companies are best suited to fix garbage disposals. Some carpenters and handymen can fix them, too, but plumbing companies are better suited to deal with the potential waste that comes from a clogged or malfunctioning garbage disposals.

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