Leaky faucets are a common Toronto household plumbing complaint. Even just a small faucet leak can add up and waste up to 3 gallons of water each day. In order to save your water bill and save water, it is important to get this drip fixed. Oftentimes, this is a relatively easy fix.

Cap and Adjusting Ring Leak

Turn off the water supply under the sink and turn on the faucet to let any excess water drain out. Remove the covers of the handles. Look in the handles at the cap and the adjusting ring. If this is the source of the leak, tighten the adjusting ring with needle-nose pliers. If not, it is likely that there is a deeper problem.

Cam and Packing

If the leak has not yet been fixed, continue working through the faucet by removing both the adjusting ring and the dome-shaped cap, using caution to not use too much pressure and bend the cap. Lift out the metal step, removing the ball, and the cam and packing, which holds the ball valve against the seats. If this is the source of your leak, replace the cam and packing.

Seats and Springs

If the initial methods have not fixed the leak, look into the valve to find the seats and springs. The “seat” refers to the small circular part, while the “spring” is located under the seat. Remove these with a wrench for both the cold and the hot water.

Replace these with a new set. When this is complete, replace the ball assembly before replacing both the cam and the packing. Make sure everything is correctly aligned.

Using your hand, fixate the cap onto the valve. Replace the adjusting ring, making sure it is secure and tight. After reinstalling the handle, turn the water on to ensure the leak has been fixed.

While many plumbing issues require professional help, there are some that can be troubleshot before calling in for an extra set of hands. These methods for fixing a leaky faucet in your Toronto home are a great way to save money on water bills and save water for the environment.

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